ACT 2 officially launched!

 ACT Waterford returns for another two years of working with communities on climate action: ACT Waterford (Action on Climate Targets Waterford) that will see artists and creatives work with communities across Waterford on climate action is one of the successful national Creative Climate Action funded IGNITE project. 

This project, ACT II continues the work of ACT I Waterford, which engaged with five Waterford communities to promote a better understanding of climate change and enabled them to make sustainable changes to their lifestyles. These include sustainable transport options, biodiversity, food sustainability projects and creative engagements in Comeragh communities.

The project is managed by South East Technological University’s (SETU) Calmast (Centre for the Advancement of Learning of Maths, Science and Technology) working with Waterford City and County Council and local communities.

This is the second phase of Creative Ireland’s Creative Climate Action Fund, which supports creative, cultural, and artistic projects aimed at raising awareness about climate change and empowering citizens to make meaningful behavioural changes. The initiative is in collaboration with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications and among the 43 recently announced successful projects from the €5.8 million Creative Climate Action Fund II – Agents for Change, there are 19 large-scale interdisciplinary IGNITE projects, including ACT Waterford II which has received funding for the next two years.

Nollaig Healy, Project Manager for ACT Waterford, expressed excitement about the continuation of creative climate initiatives in Waterford communities. Following the success of the 2022 creative-climate project, Waterford has been recognised for its efforts in educating local communities about climate awareness and encouraging behavioural change towards climate action”.

Reflecting on the accomplishments of ACT I, which saw participation from over 1,000 individuals in 40 diverse community activities and workshops, Healy highlights the upcoming leading-edge creative-climate project. With a team of experienced creatives dedicated to community engagement, the project aims to inspire the people of Waterford through creative plans that promise to be thought-provoking, engaging, and enjoyable.”

Healy acknowledges the crucial support of engineers, scientists and other experts from the SETU, the South East Technological University and partners such as the Climate Action and Creativity & Culture Teams of Waterford City and County Council. Their presence ensures the provision of expertise and knowledge across various disciplines feeding into project areas. The initiative aligns seamlessly with the council’s ambitious goal to transform into Ireland’s first decarbonized zone by 2040.

Creative Ireland’s Coordinator for Waterford, Katherine Collins, said “bringing about awareness of the impact of change at community and local level is an important goal for Waterford’s carbon reduction goals. Creativity is a great way to engage people in imagining our futures and to bring about real change in our day-to-day actions while having fun along the way. As Waterford continues to lead the way in innovative climate initiatives, ACT remains committed to fostering awareness, driving behavioural change, and contributing to the realization of a sustainable and decarbonized future.”

In a creative endeavour ACT Waterford’s aims are to propel climate consciousness and foster sustainable living, the “Understanding the Changing Climate” initiative introduces five distinct strands, each meticulously designed to engage and inspire communities across Waterford City and beyond. Here follow the 5 strands for ACT 2 that will run in 2024 and 2025:


1] Sustainable Transport in Waterford City with artist Joanne Donohoe:

This strand will actively involve communities who participated in the first iteration of the project, extending its reach to various neighbourhoods in Waterford City, including the students of SETU, the South East Technological University. Joanne Donohoe will spearhead efforts to explore sustainable transport solutions, fostering community participation and awareness.


2] In Between – Biodiversity with creative facilitators Spraoi:

Focused on biodiversity, this strand takes place in the Cunnigar Dungarvan, collaborating with Waterford Spraoi. The project aims to raise awareness of the ‘in-between’ coastal zone, bridging landscape and sea, through artistic, community, scientific, and media resources. Creative facilitators will guide participants in devising cultural interventions, aiming to practically disperse biodiversity knowledge, ideas, and actions among urban and rural communities.


3] Reflecting the Past, Imagining the Future with artist Mollie Anna King:

An intergenerational initiative, this strand will engage the upland community of the Nire Valley and Ballymacarbry. Led by artist Mollie Anna King, participants will explore the intersection of the past and future, weaving together the rich tapestry of heritage and forward-looking perspectives.


4] Donate a Plate – Food Sustainability with artist Sean Corcoran:

In a unique endeavour, artist Sean Corcoran will lead the creation of the largest mosaic in Ireland within Waterford City Cultural Quarter. The mosaic, crafted from donated plates and crockery from diverse communities, symbolizes a collective commitment to food sustainability.


5] Social Media Outreach with content creator Kate Twohig:

Content creator Kate Twohig will play a pivotal role in expanding ACT’s online presence. Through strategic engagement on popular social media platforms, the initiative aims to grow its digital audience and amplify the impact of its message.


These 5 strands collectively embody the initiative’s commitment to comprehensive community involvement, creative expression, and practical solutions, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable and climate-conscious future.

The Creative Climate Action Fund II: Agents of Change is unique in that it pairs creative minds with experts in climate science, sustainability and biodiversity, all with the aim of connecting the public to the profound changes that are happening in our environment, society and economy arising from climate change and can transform that connection into behaviour change or climate action. The fund received 239 applications from an array of disciplines and industries; Architecture, Creative Facilitation, Film, Participatory Design, Visual Arts, Cultural Heritage, Theatre, Service Design, Dance, Literature, Music, Traditional Arts, Festivals, Circus, Publishing and Press, and Animation and Augmented Reality.

The 43 successful awardees will establish projects spanning the island of Ireland, including 3 Ignite projects funded under the Shared Island initiative (Antrim, Down and Fermanagh). The fund supports projects under two strands. Strand 1, Ignite, will support 19 large-scale interdisciplinary projects with extensive public engagement on a national level these will run until 2025. Strand 2, Spark, will fund 24 projects to pilot new ideas for public engagement at a local, community, or community of practice scale. These projects will be completed by the end of 2024.


Established in 2022 ACT Waterford is a project designed to encourage action on climate change in Waterford. ACT Waterford is an interdisciplinary project which brings together Waterford City and County Council (WCCC) and South East Technological University (SETU) and Waterford communities in an exciting project funded by Creative Ireland Climate Action fund.



Calmast stands for the Centre for the Advancement of Learning of Maths, Science and Technology. It was established at SETU in 2003. The centre works with all disciplines at SETU to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to primary and secondary schools and the wider public across the region.

Funded by Science Foundation Ireland as the STEM Hub for the South East of Ireland, Calmast is developing clusters of industry, schools and government agencies across the region to deliver STEM locally through symbiotic partnerships. Following the guiding principle of ‘STEM for all’ Calmast is committed to inclusion regardless of gender, socio-economic background, ability or location.

The centre engages over 35,000 participants in the region each year. Maths Week Ireland, founded and coordinated by Calmast, engages a further 500,000. The Centre adopts a partnership approach working with external groups such as local and national visitor centres, local and other governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, community groups, library services, institutions and industry to achieve impact, scale and sustainability. We want to reposition STEM in our culture by proposing a wide range of activities that promote inclusion, creativity, critical thinking, self-confidence and awareness of the environment.


ACT Waterford II is a recipient of the Creative Climate Action fund, an initiative from the Creative Ireland Programme. It is funded by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media in collaboration with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications. The fund supports creative, cultural and artistic projects that build awareness around climate change and empower citizens to make meaningful behavioural transformations.



Encourage everyone to rethink their lifestyles.

Connect with the biodiversity crisis.

Enable a fair and just transition in making lifestyle changes

Assist citizens to understand the climate crisis.

Adapt to effects of climate change.


Creative Ireland Programme:

Creative Ireland is a five-year programme which connects people, creativity and wellbeing. As an all-of-government culture and wellbeing programme it inspires and transforms people, places and communities through creativity. The programme is committed to the vision that every person in Ireland should have the opportunity to realise their full creative potential.


The Climate Action Fund was established on a statutory basis in 2020 by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communication’s Climate Action Fund to provide support for projects, initiatives and research that contribute to the achievement of Ireland’s climate and energy targets, and for projects and initiatives in regions of the State, and within sectors of the economy, impacted by the transition to a low carbon economy.





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