Creative Climate Action Projects taking place in  Communities in Waterford.

Slí Waterford

Consumption and Recycling

In addition to working with four local communities, we also wanted to consider an online community investigating shopping and recycling habits.
Greening the city
Rebecca Cappuccini

Greening the City

This “Greening the City” strand will be led by a creative with a strong background in community gardens, citizen engagement and so is ideally placed to work with this community.
Joanne Donohoe

Suburban Transport

Working with Dunmore Road Communities, the creative will explore alternatives to car journeys and take the bus for a change.
Kieran McBride


All the issues such as biodiversity, habitat loss, and sustainable agriculture, can be explored through the lens of water.
The Walls Project

Energy Use and Efficiency

Responding to the set theme, The Walls Project (TWP) will work collaboratively with the Ballybeg community to examine domestic energy use and efficiency.