Greening the City

ACT Waterford - Greening the city
This “Greening the City” strand will be led by a creative with a strong background in community gardens, citizen engagement and so is ideally placed to work with this community.

The greening of the city will be informed by feedback provided by its local and trans-disciplinary audience/communities.

This community will promote planting in public spaces, gardens and balconies, find novel places to grow. Also, an important aspect of this project, is for the community to be inspired to start using the Green again as a civic space.

RebeccA Cappucini

Rebecca Cappuccini

​​Creativity and design in its various forms have always been at the core of Rebecca’s professional interests.

Whether it be product design and commercialisation or garden design and organic farming, Rebecca has found a lot of joy in the process of making things happen and it has led her to becoming a project coordinator very naturally. One of her latest achievements as a co-founder of the ‘top of the city’ garden is a total transformation of a landfill into a little green paradise for local communities, where vegetables are grown and summer events happen. As a committee member of the community gardens Ireland, Rebecca commits her time and energy to support forming and networking of the community growing spaces in Ireland.

Project Updates

Oh Holey Night!

05 Dec 2022
Holey Night
We held two recycled materials workshops with the wonderful Jacquie from JK Makes,  a textile artist who loves to reuse and recycle.

We made these incredibly cute Christmas tree decorations,  the sweetest mushrooms with wooden branch stems and recycled material frills. Such a joy to create such unique pieces for our trees and learn a new skill joined by members of the Ballybricken Community. We had some wonderful conversations and shared ideas and mince pies, tiz the season after all!

Urban Wildlife Walk with Denis Cullen

12 Nov 2022
Walk with Denis Cullen
Join Denis for an inner city nature walk where he will share with you his many secrets. This walk will take you from Ballybricken to the Marina Hotel, through the People’s Park and follow the John’s Pill river to the Inner Ring Road and finish at bus stop by SuperValu’s car park.
Here you will learn about the many treasures nature holds within our city limits. How wonderful to finally have a walk show you more than meets the eye, soak up the magic of the nature around us.
Sat 12 Nov | 10am – 12pm
This is a FREE event, simply register HERE

Return to the Thrill

Saturday 13 August
Return to the Thrill
Free event taking place on Saturday 12 August in Ballybricken Green.
The line up includes Birdwoman, a singer, songwriter, performance poet and improviser; Ed Hill, a musician from Kilmacthomas with an eclectic mix of folk, country, rock, Irish old and new with a dash of reggae and Lila – Chant, Mantra and Song which is based on the idea of kirtan, the musical arm of yoga. Come on down and set your intention.
Free event, why not come on down from from 1 – 3.30pm and enjoy a sunny Saturday afternoon in Ballybricken Green.

Please fill in our Questionnaire!

29 June 2022
If you live, work, are from, or have an interest in the Ballybricken area, please fill in our questionnaire.

We are looking to hear from people to live in or have a connection to Ballybricken. The council currently have plans to replace the footpaths on the Green, this will take place after the summer. In addition to upgrading the footpaths, the council are also creating some flower beds. Are there plants that you would like to see or are there any other facilities you would like to see on the Green. Now is the time to have your say!

Link to Questionnaire HERE