Reflecting the Past, Imagining the future

Artist Mollie Anna King will devise and deliver a community engagement project called Reflecting the Past, Imagining the Future in the Nire Valley and the village of Ballymacarbry.

This project sets to map out the past, present and future of the built and cultural heritage of the area and envisage a sustainable plan for the future. The community will be invited to imagine this future by reimagining the design of bothies and cluster villages and explore how they could work be reused in a modern and sustainable context both in terms of environmentally conscious tourism and modern day living.

Though collecting of stories, exploring place-names and by designing a proposal for reuse of cluster villages and the remnants of boolies, through walks, workshops on hemp and sheeps wool insulation, talks about traditional methods of building, demonstrations of these methods, electricity generation from renewable means and Meitheal sessions, in which the community are invited to try out these methods of building, insulating and powering these spaces.

Mollie Ann King

Mollie Anna King

Visual artist

Mollie’s work has been supported by The Arts Council and Tipperary Arts Office. In 2022 she was awarded the Visual Arts Bursary Award and the Platform31 Award. King has also received a Professional Development Award in 2020 and in 2016 she was a recipient of the Next Generation Bursary Award. Mollie has been artist in residence at The Architectural Association in Hooke Park, Limerick School of Art & Design’s Ceramic Department and has worked collaboratively with Turner Prize winning Assemble Architects. Facilitation is part of her practice and has worked with Callan Workhouse Union, Youth Ecology Art at Butler Gallery and Common Knowledge, Clare. Mollie is currently doing a residency in Visual  Carlow.

As an Act Waterford creative she is currently curating community projects through conversation with researcher Eugene Costollo (Writer of Transhumance and the Making of Ireland’s Uplands, 1550-1900) and Evelyn D’Arcy of the ‘Bog Bothies’ project.

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