Consumption and Recycling

ACT Waterford - consumption and recycling
In addition to working with four local communities, we also wanted to consider an online community investigating shopping and recycling habits.

Working alongside the ACT Waterford team, Slí Waterford are looking to identify what are the obstacles and impediments to young people (18 – 30)  taking action in terms of responsible consumption and recycling. While the majority of Irish citizens are concerned about the environment,  a far smaller percentage take action on that concern.  The aim of SLí’s contribution to the larger ACT Project is to produce a video series, Summer Call to Climate Action to help people overcome those impediments.

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Slí Waterford

SLÍ is a an organisation focused on driving sustainability. They do this through education and inspiring action at a community level.

Slí was founded as The Waterford Sustainable Living Initiative (SLI). SLí provides a range of education and awareness raising programmes to schools, youth groups and community organisations to raise the profile of sustainability within the community. All of their work takes place within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. SLí works on a variety of issues that fall under this umbrella including the problems of single-use plastic, waste, fair trade, child and forced labour, ethical fashion, water, transportation, etc.

Sli’s vision is of a global community working together to ensure an equitable and sustainable future for all and their mission is to educate and empower the people of Ireland to act on issues of sustainability, responsible consumption and climate change.

Project Updates

Climate Call to Action

28 June
Sli Waterford
The Waterford Sustainable Living Initiative, better known as SLí, is delighted to partner with ACT Waterford on our ‘Climate Call to Action’

We want to know how you feel about taking action on issues of climate change so keep your eyes out for our Climate Action Survey which will be available from BEAT FM and from SLí and ACT’s social media pages.  SLí works primarily with young people on issues of responsible consumption,  climate change and living more sustainably. We will look at those issues through a 6-part video series that explores such as issues as single-use plastics, fast fashion, food waste and more! Subscribe to Waterford SLí and ACT social media to join us on this climate journey.  It’s not too late to change the way we do things. We can still make climate choices that make a difference!