Energy Use and Efficiency

ACT Waterford - energy use and efficiency
Responding to the set theme, The Walls Project (TWP) will work collaboratively with the Ballybeg community to examine domestic energy use and efficiency.

They will pay particular attention to real and achievable changes the community can make to combat climate change. TWP will examine local issues in the Ballybeg community that impact their ability / willingness to take action. The multi-disciplinary team, comprising artists, arts practitioners, engineers and scientists will work with the participating group to develop the brief for the artwork.

They will take a practical approach to energy efficiency and what people can do on a day-to-day basis in their lives.

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The Walls Project

The Walls Project CLG is a social enterprise which delivers large scale public artworks and outreach projects.

There are 4 main pillars to The Walls Project: Waterford Walls Festival impacts communities through artistic collaborations. We deliver large scale public and private art commissions across Ireland. Our work engages with communities and students via our community and educational outreach workshops. We engage in artistic exchanges and collaborations focused on connecting diverse people and communities both in Ireland and internationally.

Project Updates

Energy Saving Tips!

23 Sept 2022
Energy Tips
As part of Ireland’s first Sustainable Development Goals Week which is taking place on 20–26 September to promote sustainable development and to raise awareness of and engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals, we have compiled our top energy saving tips!

1.Turn down the Heat
If you turn the thermostat down by just one degree, you can reduce your heating bill by 10%. Other easy fixes:

• Seal your windows and doors to make sure you’re not losing heat due to draughts.
• Close your curtains at night to conserve heat, even in empty rooms.
• Don’t hang curtains over radiators because that will funnel all your heat out the window.

2. Invest in a smart thermostat
A smart thermostat gives you greater control over your heating system, tracks your energy usage – which is very useful when working from home – and lets you control your heating remotely via phone or tablet.

3. Plug out all appliances when not in use
Pay particular attention to computers and printers. Even in standby mode devices from TVs to toasters are using 20% of the energy they would consume if they were switched on. Here’s a list of the worst culprits:
• TVs
• Laptops & desktop PCs
• Games consoles
• Set-top boxes
• HDR recorders
• Digital radio

4. Don’t fill the kettle
If you’re stopping work for a coffee break, only boil the kettle with as much water as you need. It’ll boil quicker and use less energy. A good rule of thumb for appliances is: if it makes things hot, then it uses a lot of electricity.

5. Don’t heat empty rooms.
Turn your heating off 30 minutes before you finish work. radiators will keep your home warm for some time after the central heating is turned off Turn off or turn down radiators in other rooms. Set your heating to fit your new routine, making sure you’re not wasting energy needlessly throughout the day.

6. Take a shower
If you are fond of long, deep baths or power showers, you may be using more energy than you need heating the water.
• Opt for a shower rather than a bath to use less heated water.
• Shorten the length of your shower time.
• Dial down the pressure if you have a power shower so you’re not heating more water than needed.

7. Switch to LED lights
If you need electric lighting when working from home, switch to LED lights. They use about a fifth of the energy of halogen bulbs. They may be more expensive than halogen but will save you money in the long term. According to the SEAI, switching a single 42-watt halogen bulb to a 9-watt LED, will save about €7 a year. And LEDs last up to 10 times longer. Where possible, make the most of natural light throughout the day.

8.Tackle draughts
Now that you are spending more time at home, you might feel draughts you hadn’t noticed before. Cold air can come up through the floor and from around your skirting board. . Close the curtains in the evenings to keep heat in. Put a chimney balloon in an unused chimney to keep the draughts out and the heat in.

9. Cook efficiently
A lot of household energy is used in the kitchen and there are many little changes you can make to save money.
• Use a microwave if you regularly reheat meals, rather than using energy to heat your oven.
• Match your pan size to your burner on the hob and cover your food when it is cooking to keep heat in.
• Steam your vegetables or use less water for boiling.
• Conserve heat: Only pre-heat your oven for the specified time, defrost food before cooking and keep the oven door shut while cooking.
• Use a slow cooker wherever possible; they are energy-efficient and perfect for family meals.
• Use your dishwasher only when full.
• Keep your fridge & freezer cool

10. Hang your clothes out to dry
The tumble dryer is one of the most expensive appliances in our homes, using around 2.5 kw per hour so use it sparingly.
• Dry your clothes outside if possible or on a clothes horse next to a radiator.
• Wash your clothes at a lower temperature it uses less energy and costs you less.

11. Switch your gas & electricity supplier
The best way to reduce your energy costs is to switch to a discounted deal.
• Electricity: The average user on a typical standard tariff can save up to €242 by switching to the cheapest electricity deal, and those with higher usage stand to save even more.
• Gas: The average user on a standard tariff can save up to €253 and even more if you live in a large household.

The finished project!

21 Aug 2022
Ballybeg Wall
Teamwork makes the dream work!

It was an amazing community effort during the Waterford Walls Festival with our Ballybeg community group coming together with artists Bloom the Art to create the fantastic mural on the Cork Road opposite SETU (formally known as WIT).

The artist statement reads as follows:

A community collaborative production that takes an investigative design approach to exploring the theme of climate change, at home energy use and conservation. This work was formulated through a series of workshops in the Ballybeg community to explore our understanding of the topic and any identified gaps in knowledge. The work represents the community’s awareness of home energy sustainability and the information they viewed as crucial for the wider population to understand. Using a range of images associated with the central theme, the design created is informative and it effectively communicates the learning from this creative process The subject matter and wall material determined the style of this mural design – telling a story whilst remaining simplistic, flat, colourful, and fun.

We hope it inspires you and brings joy.

Work in progress!

10 August 2022
Bloom the art
The sun has come out and the team are busy at work!

It’s great to see all the ideas from the workshops come to life as we begin to paint the mural. The culmination of drawing and sketches from the series of workshops are laid out on the ground as the team set to work transferring the sketches on the ground onto the wall! A big task lies ahead. Stay tuned!

The Walls Project and their artists are about to kick off the workshop activities in Ballybeg!

09 June 2022
Bloom The Art
The project team was delighted with the community response;18 people have signed up to play an active role in their local area.
Artists from Bloom the Art Project, Fiona and Aisling from Dublin, and Magda Karol will start working with the community members in the Cillbarra sports centre on Monday 13th of June at 6 pm. 
The selected artists have extensive experience in inspiring communities through their murals and workshops; their main aim is to empower people to grow, overcome and look forward to a happier future.
They will engage the participants through a series of creative games to conceive sketches of the mural to be painted on the community wall in August – at the end of the four meetings
The workshop dates are the 13th, 20th, 27th of June and 5th of July. The painting activities will start on August 16th and run until the 20th. We can’t wait to see the results of those beautiful activities.’

Call for Participants!

14 May 2022
Call for participants
We’ve teamed up with Waterford Walls to combine art and energy efficiency 🎨 We want you to get involved with the painting of a mural artwork in Ballybeg this August at  Waterford Walls Festival. 

Join our workshops over the summer where you will learn about energy efficiency and your ideas will go towards the creation of a mural in Ballybeg.

We have a number of workshops for you to attend over the summer. Come along to see your ideas turn from sketches to the final artwork.You might even pick up some tips on how to save some euros off your electricity bills! 💡💸

Sign up here:

This project is for adults over 18. Any questions can be sent to